Your personal news anchor for sport, powered by ai


Fanz provides sport fans with their own personal assistant, delivering real-time news by video about their favourite teams, players and leagues.

Key features:

1. Real-time news content acquisition and live broadcasting system: Our product can acquire news content in real-time and use a live broadcasting system to deliver relevant information to users. This ensures timely and accurate news reporting.

2. High-quality generation system: We have incorporated AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Graphics Computing) technology to ensure the highest level of quality and realism in our digital humans.

3. Long-text real-time broadcasting system: Our innovative system can generate digital human videos for broadcasting based on user-provided text content, offering users a new and immersive broadcasting experience.

4. Model head replacement technology: Our unique model head replacement technology allows any model to be involved in the digital human generation process, providing a diverse and personalized range of choices.

5. Automated digital human generation: Our product can automatically transform user-provided photos into digital human avatars, both in static and dynamic forms. This provides users with a personalized digital experience.


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